De Dino Show’s Season 4 – FC Kip Episode 1

De Dino Show’s FC KIP’s first episode of the fourth season starring Judeska, Kofi, Noltie, Rajhesh en PingPing.

The new season of The Dino Show started on Sunday, April 14.

Jandino comes back with a series of eight weekly episodes.
The public must have apparently missed him, the interest to be present at the production of the Dino Show is enormous.

The Dino Show is a quirky, energetic and cheeky late night show.
Jandino receives weekly Dutch celebrities on his show couch.
The interviews are interspersed with hilarious clips.

The show is a hit on the social media. Especially the sketches of ‘FC Kip’ with Judeska in the lead, many viewed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The different clips have over a million views on YouTube.

“I’m very happy. People have grabbed the character and it started running all over. Judeska cackles like a chicken without being a chicken and she has an “Antillean” accent.” Yet Jandino calls her “the prototype of a lady in every culture we know.” In this third season of his satirical program, Judeska, she returns in full glory.