Mi Ex Me Tiene Ganas – A new latin romantic comedy with suspense soap-opera of Martin Hahn

The first signs of the new telenovela (soap opera/series) of Venevision have been very well accepted and are very mesmerizing.

This marks again the huge success of the mysterious and great writing of Venezuelan director Martin Hahn.

The “Mi ex me tiene ganas” in english “My ex wants me written by Martin Hahn meets a cast of prominent Latin soap figures of the screen and recordings were released in the start of May.

 Martin Hahn from Barinas, Venezuela, is a writer, screenwriter and director well-known for his mystery and suspense in writing Venezuelan soaps. The same who wrote “La Mujer de Judas“, “Estrambótica Anastacia”, “La Viuda Joven,” “Angelica Pecado,” “Amor A Palos” and “El Desafio”, among a long list of other productions from which the director and writer was responsible for.
Noteworthy is that one of the most successful telenovelas of the writer has been “La Viuda Joven” “The Young Widow” which reached 79% in popularity over the rival soap opera, a record that had not been reached for several years in the local Venezuelan soap-industry. It is expected that Venevisión is going to produce for Hahn the second part of “La Viuda Joven.” Meanwhile we enjoy of this interesting and unique story of  “Mi ex me tiene ganas“.

The production of “Mi ex me tiene ganas”  is in hands of Sandra Rioboo and features a cast of renowned actors and actresses. The soap opera recordings are in Caracas, Venezuela, among the beautiful landscapes of the capital. The locations will be mainly in popular parks and shopping centers of Caracas, though some will be in popular streets and landmarks in the history as it requires locations that are urban and fresh.

The protagonists in this story are the beautiful Daniela Alvarado and handsome Luciano D’Alessandro, and for the rest of the cast we have the participation of Guillermo Garcia, Norkys Batista who incidentally has just finished recording the character of Sarah in the controversial telenovela “Flor Salvaje“Wildflower”, Winston Vallenilla, Lilibeth Morillo, Jonathan Montenegro, Eileen Abad, Hilda Abrahamz, Susej Vera, Caridad Canelón, Michael Ferrari, Sheryl Rubio, Kerly Ruiz, Rolando Padilla, Amanda Gutierrez, Howard Hernandez, Gustavo Rodriguez, Crisol Carabal, Oswaldo Salazar and Carlos Montilla among others.

This is a very funny love story, which is part of situations full of joy, playfulness and a little suspense.
It is told as an adventure that tells the love story of incident lovers, but also based on real life events and a denominator factor which everyone knows, because in this life everyone has had an ex-partner and therefore endless adventures and experiences to tell.

In many cases, couples “relapse” and come back together, and it’s like the saying “Where there was fire, ashes remain”, so in this story we will find some stories and situations that may make us remember some personal situations you lived.
The soaps plays in a cosmopolitan city, home to three girlfriends: Pilar, Soledad and Miranda.
For Pilar, it is unlikely that his former partner ceased to be the mess that she loved, to become a successful professional with a great personality. The possibility of reviving the fire from the ashes crossed her mind, but this would be a good idea?
Miranda is a model that re-encounters her former husband. Now married to a billionaire man, Miranda strangely misses the unbridled passion of her ex. The temptation is very strong, but … Is it worth it?
Soledad is a divorced woman.. or better said in divorce proceedings who lives subject to the home and meets back with a former lover who has become a male underwear model. A young man who comes with the promise of release from routine. A risk worth living?
Three women who have encountered men who made them unhappy in the past, but now appear as promises of happiness. This is the story of three lovers repeat, three couples who decided to give a second chance to see if they are now able to overcome the disadvantages, which in the past, led to a rupture.

Premiere “Mi Ex Me Tiene Ganas” #1

Episode #2

Episode #3

 Episode #4

Episode #5

Episode #6

Episode #7

Episode #8

Episode #9

Episode #10


provided by WENSHOW



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