#MissUniverse – Kyrsha Attaf will carry the name Curaçao during the 68th Miss Universe

WILLEMSTAD, CURAÇAO – Days after her crowning she has got to be one to watch out for, being Kyrsha Attaf currently isn’t easy as her name is all over the island and taking attention of every other issue happening right now. Circulated by the entertainment ups and downs, she still keeps her rough start as a true queen, and banks ‘dracarys’ to all who are doubting her selection.

Early morning on June 21st she got selected from six contestants to be crowned as Miss Universe Curaçao 2019 at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

The first runner-up was Chantal Wiertz and the second runner-up was Liane Bonofacia (Best Catwalk). The other finalists that competed for the title are Ysatis Lacle, Dennice Seinpaal and Aushantaly Jamanika (Best Body and Miss Congeniality).

Moreover, Kyrsha also got prized Miss Photogenic, Miss Internet, and Miss Elegance during the final night. And in the previous competition named Meet the Beauties, she took the titles Most Beautiful Legs and Best Fantasy Costume.

She will be the face of the Dutch Caribbean nation Curaçao at the Miss Universe election that will be held if the rumors are correct in South Korea or in the Philippines any date around November or December 2019.

Attaf succeeds and was crowned by Miss Universe Curaçao 2018 Akisha Albert.

Leaving great steps to fill and while making Curaçao a force to be reckoned in the new Americas era with after 18 years Miss Universe top-hiatus in 2015 we had Kanisha Sluis, and last year back again with Akisha Albert.

Albert placed in the Top 10 and has turned to be one of the nation’s sweethearts after her win. The island’s beauty queens have finished as high as second with Annemarie Braafheid (1st runner up Miss Universe 1968), Top 12 in 1976 with Anneke Dijkhuizen, Top 10 with Jacqueline Krijger, and one of the most gorgeous woman recognized ever to grace the Miss Universe stage is Verna Vasquez whom placed Top 6 in 1997, but Curaçao is yet to be the first Dutch Caribbean nation to mark its stamp by winning the competition just like it does in baseball, soccer, and the Olympics.

The reigning Miss Curaçao 2019 for Miss Universe is the 21-year-old, Kyrsha Attaf. Coming from a pretty close and involved family of four sisters and two brothers, she is pretty much introvert and got loose as she grew and started to challenge herself to be more outspoken and social with others.

She is a Financial Management final-year-student at the University of Curaçao. Aspiring to become a pilot in the near future, to travel around the world and absorb new cultures.

Kyrsha has always strived to make an impact in the lives of others.
When she isn’t hitting the gym, you can find Kyrsha watching romantic soaps or series, singing karaoke, dancing, shopping, traveling, organizing parties and spending time with the new generation (kids) in her home-town reading books or helping in any cause for children.  

As a child-advocate, she wants to ensure that children have access to positive influences in their lives which will benefit them in such as great health care conditions, education, and proper parenting. She loves representing and giving voice to a group whose concerns and interests are not being heard in this because she daily discovers her renaissance every time, she does something for the children.

Coming from mixed roots (Arabic, Portuguese, Venezuelan, Afro-Caribbean) she identifies herself as a true (YDK) Curaçaoan, loves to celebrate her culture in all extend from Ritmo Kombiná parties, Carnival to Seú (harvest parade).

She owes a lot to the support of her big Attaf-Riera family, who all instilled the most beautiful qualities and love into how she was raised. Kyrsha also says that her greatest motivator is her big sister who has always been very independent and plays a very important role in her life as a mother, she shares a unique love for her nephew Nassir.

Her sister’s drive serves as guidance for her as a huge motivator in her own attitude and determination to achieve goals in life.

WENSHOW had the opportunity to be a lecturer for the candidates with a custom-designed workshop named Pageant History – The Miss Curaçao Brand. This experience gave us an insight to champion the ladies with the right information regarding how to brand for the Miss Universe Organization, how the development of Miss Curaçao has shaped the industry in the Americas/Caribbean and how to differentiate from other pageants in the world.

Further more, here we saw the ladies as a new school in the industry – few of them knew what it has to take forward to see the platform as their next career step. The month they had has shaped them to develop and shine on the stilts of their own expectations, at the finale you saw how they shaped with determination the opportunity received even tho magic is something that is still going to stand out for the 68th Miss Universe.

Kyrsha on the other hand showed true championship in the physical discipline how she shaped up with a Kyrsha-diet fixed by Willy a top-of-the-line Miss Universe body, and she improved her skills and grace, her personality outshines as a pretty much similar Disney princess Jasmin. She is sweet but still pretty much shy, still I do think she will surprise like a peek-a-boo with the correct training and vision at the Miss Universe stage.

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