#CaribbeanTourism – Our faves for Caribbean Wellness Ambassador of the Year 2018

CTA Wellness Ambassadors 2018


November is officially the Caribbean Tourism Month. And this time it’s the moment to determine who is going to be the Caribbean Wellness Ambassador of the Year 2018 by voting for your favorite ambassador on CTO Wellness Ambassadors Contest » https://wellnessambassadors.pgtb.me/kmZdp7 «

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Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has been featuring people who drive the wellness programmes in CTO member countries. These wellness ambassadors perform extraordinary functions to promote wellness among residents and visitors alike.

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This month-long contest to determine the Caribbean Wellness Ambassador, with support from the Grenada Tourism Authority will carry on the celebrations and programme of activities for the Caribbean Year of Wellness & Rejuvenation. The Caribbean Tourism Organization has declared 2018 the Year of Wellness and Rejuvenation in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is blessed with a beautiful natural environment and naturally friendly people that make perfect escapes for relaxation. This theme is timely as the Caribbean seeks to position itself as the ultimate global destination for wellness and rejuvenation.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), is the region’s tourism development agency, with 28 Dutch, English, French and Spanish country members.

So consisting also of Curaçao’an members like our faves running for the prize of Caribbean Wellness Ambassador of 2018.

Our WINNER’s first pick goes to 

Korra Juliana Pietersz - 001


A Wellness Consultant who developed OASEAN nowadays the agency that provides you the ultimate experience of wellness and travel in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean.

What started once after a burnout in her career that catapulted her curiosity for all related to self-development, yoga, healthier eating, massages, and everything related to wellness has turned into Korra’s career and personal mission.

Her drive, limitless plans and passion made us also eager to learn not only more about wellness, but she shared her passion in every other project she got into with us. A true personal example and role-model in our lives, but also OASEAN leads to be one of the first clients of G!NIUS EMPIRE. We helped developed a business plan for the strategy made life in connecting hearts through the OASEAN journeys and escapes on the island of healing “Ilha da Curação”.

OASEAN nurtures with its escapes your sense of adventure while you nourish your essence inside and out. True wellspring of renewal and inspiration.

Scroll and vote here for Korra: » https://wellnessambassadors.pgtb.me/kmZdp7 «


Our second fave is

Rudolf de Wit

SIR RUDOLF DE WIT » Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, Natural Medicine Practitioner «

A former colleague ours at CBA Television is eminence Sir Rudolf de Wit, currently the director of PIAI Institute. He is a natural health practitioner with above 35 years of experience, started his own magazine on health and lifestyle since 2005 (Support Magazine), and his own weekly television program “Dos Mundu Diferente” (Two different worlds).

Besides them all he also has a weekly radio program “R-Support”, because he is convinced that the more people know about their health, the better they can take care of the body. He studied also acupuncture, homeopathy, manual therapy, color therapy, electro-acupuncture, body language and natural nutrition. He is a very passionate speaker, motivator, instructor and teacher.

Scroll and vote here for Rudolf: » https://wellnessambassadors.pgtb.me/kmZdp7 «

Our third fave for the running is

Liberty Suares - 001

LIBERTY SUARES » Full Time Yogi «

Upon her sweet smile, you can vibrate the tranquility of Liberty, one of the most charming island girls you may ever meet from Curaçao.

After 5 years of adventure and city life in Holland, she decided to move back to paradise. She’s a 24 year old with a BSc degree in Architecture, a certified Yoga Teacher and now the proud business owner of a Cafe. What started as a simple self practice here and there now turned into daily flowing on- and of the mat. This young and passionate yogi loves to inspire, teach and share her love for yoga with others.

Liberty Suares - 008

Besides the creativity on the mat she’s also a real food lover and kitchen princess who’s always experimenting with healthy and balanced recipes. As an island girl who’s born and raised near the ocean, she’s always inspired by the beauty of nature and loves to travel. Liberty loves to take her practice outdoors, whether it’s a beachy-practice, a sunset class or SUP yoga with Dushi SUP, this beautiful island has so much to offer.

“The past three years were all about self development, growth, challenges, but most important, self-love and acceptance. I realized that by just being myself, I can accomplish anything! I’m a young entrepreneur, passionate yogi, and now proud owner of Liberty YogaDushi SUP and Number Ten.” in the words of Liberty.

Scroll and vote here for Liberty: » https://wellnessambassadors.pgtb.me/kmZdp7 «


CTO - Logo 001

The CTO encourages all of its members to celebrate Caribbean Tourism Month at the national level.

The objectives of Caribbean Tourism Month are:

  • To raise awareness among Caribbean people of the importance of tourism in the Caribbean,
  • To enhance the profile of the Caribbean tourism sector in the marketplace,
  • To reflect on the invaluable impact of tourism on the economic, social and cultural well being in the Caribbean,
  • To attract positive media coverage for and of the Caribbean and the local tourism product and;
  • To celebrate the diversity of what the Caribbean offers.

For the 2018 Caribbean Wellness Ambassador Contest there will be two voting rounds. The first round runs from Thursday 1 November at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Caribbean Time through to 11:59 pm Pacific Time on Saturday 24 November.

The top five vote-getters will move on to the second round, where voting will begin at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Caribbean Time on Monday 26 November and end at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturday 2 December.

The ambassador receiving the highest number of votes in this round will be named the CTO’s Caribbean Wellness Ambassador of the Year and will receive a trip to Grenada compliments of the Grenada Tourism Authority.

You are allowed to vote only once and for one ambassador only per voting round.

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is thrilled to be highlighted in the CTO’s Guide to Wellness and Rejuvenation which showcases some of our diverse offerings in this sector, and in its publication of Caribbean Wellness Ambassadors. They look forward to our ambassadors being featured on the CTO’s social media platforms in the coming weeks, including during Caribbean Tourism Month starting November 1.

Grenada Tourism Authority, CEO’s Patricia Maher said, “Our Pure Grenada with pristine beaches, crystal clear waterfalls, organic chocolate and our warm and friendly people, complimented by the Spice of the Caribbean create unique and memorable wellness experiences.” She further stated, “We are happy to provide the grand prize for this year’s wellness ambassador winner, including airfare, accommodation, and an island tour that will convince our winner of our spicy wellness offerings.”

🇨🇼 11.11.2018

“One Caribbean Nation.
Gwendell Mercelina, Jr. »  «


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