#BuildBackBetter – Luxury Hotel in Barbuda reopens for the first time following Hurricane Irma

Barbuda Belle - 004


Princess Diana once called Barbuda of her favorite places on earth, is still going through the process of rebuilding and renovating after Hurricane Irma.

What was a lifetime changing experience for all living on Barbuda, is slowly but surely turning back into a stronger foresight. Now the intimate, luxury boutique hotel on Antigua’s sister island of Barbuda has reopened, this is the first time that the award-winning hotel Barbuda Belle has opened since being damaged during Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Berbuda - 001

Accessible by boat, the rustic-styled property located at Cedar Point offers ultimate seclusion, tucked neatly away behind of lush mangrove trees and a picturesque pink sand beach. Originally a seven bungalow property, Barbuda Belle now boasts eight beachfront bungalows since renovations saw the total rebuild of one bungalow damaged during the storm, and the addition of a completely new bungalow. A beach bar and grill is also a new addition.



Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism and Investment, Senator, The Hon. Mary-Clare Hurst spoke at the November 3 reopening Ceremony despite of a memorable bad weather on behalf of the Minister of Tourism and Investment, The Hon. Charles Fernandez who was away on duty.

Today marks a very important step in Barbuda’s recovery post Hurricane Irma and a significant step in our Country’s Tourism. Today is our collective affirmation to our visitors far and wide, that Barbuda is open for business!”, Hurst said.

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda is excited by the momentum and progress that we have seen so far, as it relates to Barbuda’s Tourism and progress just one year on.

The Barbuda Belle re-opening is the first in many openings that will take place in Barbuda for the season. The Barbuda Ocean Club, and Barbuda Cottages are expected to open in December.

🇨🇼 11.10.2018


Yeah, a road that seemed impossible to build back, after all has been washed away.
You stood by, didn’t know how but you are doing it wiser!
What only with a miracle could become a reality, now is!
Now you realize that a miracle is formed inside each one of the builders.
Everything what is needed to happen shall happen, but nothing will prosper if it’s not with the will of the great.
Better each day, stronger in the living praise around the beauty of nature – which is our strength. Keep on coming through, just like you said you would do, wiser and better.
You are building, because you know that’s the solution for all in synergy renovating and rebuilding – the essence that once was and now is simply the best.
Now today you are standing here, because you made it through better!

― Gwendell Mercelina, Jr. // #BuildBackBetter dedication to the survivors of Hurricane Irma

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