#GianniMae – Bangin’ what ‘They Say’!

Gianni Mae - Cover THEY SAY


After becoming a butterfly, there is still more metamorphosis for our Curaçao-born trap princess Gianni ‘Gianni Mae’ Webster. From a pageant teen winner of the Miss Curaçao Teenager 2006, fashion and beauty blogger, vegan young professional to pursuing a career in the hip hop, rap – trap scene.

Now she bangs out as Gianni Mae with her first solo (EP), she joins for her debut the Broke Boys – the producer team that is responsible for the most influential party bangers in Germany.

The result of their cooperation is “They Say”. Introducing herself to a broader audience on her own methods, they say!

Gianni does the shit and everything her way! On “They Say”, the naysayers and haters are spiked into the ground. She eats what she wants, smokes what she wants, buys what she wants and takes what she is after. Gianni Mae makes it clear to all that it’s damn her life with “They Say”.

In the clip she is surrounded by a only female entourage, the Berlin-based singer sits enthroned in the video in front of the Sanssouci Palace, while she provides roaring energy locking ‘They Say’ in your face.

Gianni Mae grew up in Curaçao. She left the Caribbean island at the age of 18, while she just made a break-trough with ‘Manera Mi‘ of DivaSquad consisting also of her college friends Gislainne Maria, and Amy Lindo. What started as fun turned out to become her artistic purpose and passion as we can see following her musical journey, but also with ‘Di Len‘ and ‘Wega Limpio‘.

After DivaSquad together with Amy Lindo they rose even on the Dutch national scene  Apple Watch Commercials with Jungle Bae‘s ‘Backwardz’ and shook some things up.

Now our princess is back and ready to take it with current trap influence, Gianni Mae’s sound picture has developed yet another facet that raps us full of sexiness, energy, fresh and raw. Keep an eye on our princess, because she is bedazzling the beats and is going to dominate the world charts.


🇨🇼 11.09.2018 “Rise graciously like the sun in your name bae.
May all mae’s be touched like honey drops within their ears.
Let the eyes connect with what the mouth might say.
Raise your words to pour on a different world.
Stay true to you, because there is always hope for a better us.
Knock knock … enjoy while we play, book signatures with grace.
There will always be devotion in the love you spray.
Hold on tight, embrace with sweet grace.
― Gwendell Mercelina, Jr. // Mae Grace dedication to Gianni Mae


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