#LosParanderos – proclaim a brave season with “Balente”

Los Paranderos - 001Los Paranderos - Logo

WILLEMSTAD, CURACAO – Very courageous is the new single of the aguinaldo’s and gaita group ‘Los Paranderos‘, with a powerful message they flourish the holiday season with their new video-clip “Balente“.

Defining our people as courageous, bold people, valiant, brave! ‘Los Paranderos’ group is a mixture of native, African and European elements, and is closely connected with trends from neighboring countries such as Venezuela and Colombia and islands such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Martinique, Trinidad, Dominica, and Guadeloupe.

Los Paranderos - 001

Just as we are known for our classical waltzes, danzas, mazurkas and our defining rhythms such as tumba, seú, tambú, ‘ritmo kombina’. Los Paranderos spice up the holiday season with the gaitas and the aguinaldos, a break-out in the last few years.
Gaita has become a commercialized folk music that is popular throughout Venezuela and neighboring islands during the Christmas holiday season, but in Zulia, where gaita originated, the music serves as a medium through which regional identity is defined, promoted, negotiated, celebrated, and even marketed.

In Aruba we also know the celebrations that are based around music include that Dera Gai, Dande, Gaita and Aguinaldo.

Relish in the latest music video of Los Paranderos


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