#BetterMan – Andrew Aalse launches his international singing career

Andrew Aalse - 001

WILLEMSTAD, CURACAO – Gifted and brilliant is how we can describe Andrew Aalse, a blooming talent aiming to international stardom. Born in the Netherlands, despite singing he also dominates the trumpet, guitar and piano.

He started performing on stage at the age of 2 and his dream is to become known worldwide for his music. He already has part of his career in front of him, performing for the Dennis Aalse Big Band and the Dennis Aalse Youth Orchestra as one of the lead singers.

Andrew Aalse - Release

During November 2014 he was seen playing Marius in the school edition of “Les Misérables”, singing and acting showing his diverse touch and experience on stage. He sure did a wonderful job and that’s where he captured our attention as well – his aura gave us a young Michael Jackson 3.0 sensation.

Andrew Aalse - Les Miserables 02 Andrew Aalse - Les Miserables 01 Andrew Aalse - Les Miserables

Last weekend he launched his first musical video “Better Man”. Being the son of prominent musician (composer and arranger) Dennis Aalse, he took a great step towards accomplishing his dream. Music is his passion and he hopes to become one of the biggest performers of all time!

His message during the launch was loud and clear: “Let’s support and believe more in our national artistic/musical talents – in the sports scene we do have lots of examples but it lacks when we get in the arts and cultural arena”.

Andrew Aalse - Michael Jackson

The production of the Music Video “Better Man” was filmed in New York, written and composed by himself, the arrangement was in hands of his dad Dennis Aalse, the mixing done by Jerrel “Jègo” Paula, produced by ISLAND BREEZE AFFILIATES with Glen Barcley and Chris de Geus as young local producer in charge, with the direction of Max Sainvil of New York and graphic design by Harlan “Boy-C” de Haas

Click play and get stunned by Andrew! #replay


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