#SNORDER – A thoughtful and funny theater-soap opera!

Snorder - 001

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – Julius Leeft! For sure this upcoming Leerdam production will make you talk about it for the months to come “SNORDER”.

Can you imagine hustling this time in the Netherlands and still survive?

Snorder is a theater-soap opera about an illegal taxi company situated in Amsterdam Zuidoost where Diana and Charles are at the bosses commanding the cozy craziness.

Snorder is adjusts comedy, fun, diversity and seriousness in the play that talks also about doing business, romance, politics and generational differences. The theater-soap will be staged as a six-part monthly theater show that will take place every last Saturday of the month at De Balie, Amsterdam.

Snorder - Cast

Each episode will have a famed Dutch personality as guest actor for an appearance; as for the first episode Quintis Ristie will be the guest-star actor, and Humberto Tan plays a role in the fifth episode.

The first episode ‘The Premiere’ on Saturday, November 29th will be about the Black Santa Claus / Zwarte Sinterklaas.

Schedule of the following episodes are:
Episode 2 – 27 December 2014
Episode 3 – 24 January 2015
Episode 4 – 21 February 2015
Episode 5 – 28 March 2015
Episode 6 – 25 April 2015

Snorder - 002

Words from the creator John Leerdam, he describes the Amsterdam Zuidoost culture as:  “One where there is not much taxis driving around; the need for transport is not any less. So there has been a circuit illegal taxis, and the snorder culture is a beautiful coat for the stories of all the different cultures that exist in the Southeast to hang on. These are stories, John says that you hardly find back in the theater or on television.”

Snorder caused a furor during the earlier times 1999 to 2003 when it was presented in the Parade and the Cosmic Theater, Snorder was the bouncer of the annual festival of Hollandse Nieuwe. The theater soap managed to put down culturally diverse stereotypes with a realistic touch and lots of humor.

Snorder - Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld

The official cast consists of the stellar stars Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld, Howard Komproe, Helen Kamperveen, Farida van den Stoom, Sergio IJssel, Paulette Smit, Vastert van Aardenne and the Guest stars/actors are Humberto Tan, Guilly Koster, Quintis Ristie, Bo Bojoh, Roger Goudsmit and others.

Snorder - Roger Goudsmit

The scripts are from Jenny Mijnhijmer with contributions of Paulette Smit, Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld and Robert Vuijsje.

Snorder - Paulette Smit

From the sunny corner, we send all the best wishes to this excellent production and invite every-one to go and follow the steps of Snorder! – G!


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