#TUMBA 2012 – King of Tumba is AMOS BALENTIN

“Un Humilde Piedra” which means An Humble Stone is the title of the winning TUMBA song composed and sung by 2012 TUMBA KING Amos Balentin (the 42nd TUMBA WINNER) together with the best band of the carnival “tumba” season of the century ERA Outentiko.

Amos Balentin is a famed talented singer from Kura Piedra – Curaçao, that currently resides in Rotterdam – Netherlands. He is one of the lead-singers of the record-breaking Dutch Caribbean band “Cache Royale”. One of his latest hits with the band is “Asinaki Mi Ta”

He participated already 4 times in the biggest national competition of TUMBA, and scored last time as second place with “Lei ta Lei”. Since then we knew he has all the capacities to serve as a future TUMBA KING. And it proved that 2012 is his year, with a special composition he wrote around 4/5 years ago and waiting for the right moment to polish and bring it to our nation. He brought a new hymn of patriotism and moralist thoughts to all of us.

Currently, the Tumba Festival is a four-day musical event where the best local composers, singers, and bands compete to have their piece selected as the year’s official Carnival road march Tumba song. This isn’t just any festival. It’s a musical extravaganza!

And winning means gaining prestige sought by the world’s most talented musicians. The winner becomes Rei di Tumba (King of Tumba) or Reina di Tumba (Tumba Queen).

Lyrics of the TUMBA “Un Humilde Piedra”

Composer: Amos Balentin 
Melody: Amos Balentin 
Arrangement: Gregory Colina 
Band: ERA


Mi por ta un djamanta i abo un rubi pa nos ta eksitoso Kòrsou mester ta uni.

Ma subi un seru haltu pa buska inspirashon.
Aya te den laira mas serka papa Dios.
Pa mi wak mi isla fo’i otro bista.
Y ma saka afó ta ki naturalesa ke siña nos.

Si ami kubo uni nos lo forma un baranka.
Lo no por tin nada ku por kibra nos.
Un mensahe di konfiansa pa nos no pèrdè speransa.
Un pueblo uni lo sa di vense tur maldat.
Si ami kubo uni.
Ku union nos lo hasi forsa.
Dolo’i kabes nan di mi tera mi tin tur nami kurason.
I abo pasado, bo’n pèrsigui nos mas.
Di awe pa dilanti Di awe pa dilanti, dilanti nos ta bai.

Mensahe di un humilde pieda.
Ai rib’é seru ma mira kon bunita mi tera ta.
A kue mi wowo kon kada pieda ta bria su so.
Tin djamanta, rubi, esmeralda den un direkshon ku no ta kuadra.
Mi kurason a hasi doló, konta ke union?

Mester di hende pa pega pieda pa forma unio. He,ééé……..
Mester di pieda pa pega pieda pa bira e kos.

Mester di pieda. 7x

Prens ku pancho a presentá.
Huntu ku reina pa duna un man.
Esta orguyoso mi ta di nan.
Ken mas ke duna un man? Amiiiiiii……

Nos no ta pieda morto, nos ta pieda nan balioso.
Ban legumai orguyo, paso nos mester di otro.
Pega riba otro (koro kortiku).
Stima otro
Ban yuda otro
Ban kuida otro
Esaki te fiesta di Karnaval
Ku ta saka tur hende for di kas
Esta un bon momento
Pa pega e pieda prinsipal
E pieda di amor
Sin dje nada no tin balor Bin aden, bin aden(koro kick).
Grandi i chikitu
Di aki o di afó
Sin distinkshon di kolo
Nos tur ta Kòrsou

Bin aden.
Pega riba otro.

Pieda nan maligno.
Hisa nan benta afó
Ban pega riba otro
Manera koncha riba baranka
Bin aden, bin aden (koro kick).

Pega riba otro.
Grandi i chikitu
Djaki o djafó
Sin distinshon di kolo
Nos tur ta Kòrsou

Wak riba e korona.
Pieda bunita ta dòrn’é.
Tira un bista riba e fòrti.
Baranka ta defendé
Pregon liber.

The 2012 TUMBA Results:
The Best Lyric – Hendrik de Windt with WAK BO TA WAK (Premio Betty Doran);
Most Original Composition – Reynard Hurtado with PASTECHI;
Best Arrangement –  
3rd Place – Gilbert ‘Dibo’ Doran with “ATAMI AKI TUMBA MI TA ” by RENATO MINGUELI
2nd Place – Djuric Virginie with “KARUSEL” by JOSE (UTI) GREGORIO
WINNER Best Arrangement – Amos Balentin with “UN HUMILDE PIEDRA” by GREGORY COLINA
TOP 12:
Igmar Lareine, Gabrielo Cruz, Heinrich Pieter, Guershon Nahr, Amos Balentin, Hendrik de Windt, Urvin Yano, Gilbert Doran, Djuric Virginie, Chendell Beaumont, Clarck Zalm, Albertico Libiee
TOP 10:
Igmar Lareine, Gabrielo Cruz, Guershon Nahr, Amos Balentin, Hendrik de Windt, Urvin Yano, Gilbert Doran, Djuric Virginie, Chendell Beaumont, Albertico Libiee
Fifth Place – Djuric Virginie
Fourth Place Igmar La Reine
Third Place Gilbert Doran
Second Place Urvin Yano
Amos Balentin

Click on the LINK to Listen to Amos Balentin (ERA) – Un Humilde Piedra – Festival di TUMBA 2012

provided by WENSHOW



3 thoughts on “#TUMBA 2012 – King of Tumba is AMOS BALENTIN

  1. Hello there.
    I really like your music.
    I Live in the Netherlands.
    Do you visit here, sometimes?

    Groeten van Heliantha


    1. Hello Heliantha, thank you for your reply. Yes I do travel to the Netherlands (every year) since I studied there at Leiden but lived in Amsterdam. When will you be traveling to paradise? I advise you to come around Carnival – 2016 will be short but awesome!

      TUMBA is such a unique and diverse type of rhythm gives you all the chills and also makes you want to dance to it with no stop.


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