In the beginning of 2011, I’ve got the opportunity when I went to Colombia for the eyes-surgery-transplants. At the same moment an angelic warrior was present at the International Literature Festival 2011,  I was very excited and did my out-most even-though I was under treatment, besides loving to read and interested in literature. I had a special interest in getting to see Eva Ekvall and get her book “Fuera de Foco”. Something now I cherish allot, that I did it. Now in the beautiful garden of the Almighty there will be an angelical warrior queen watching over all who are still on planet earth, especially her family, friends, country and beauty & fashion industry.  G!

Quoting Eva Ekvall’ from Fuera de Foco: In Venezuela, “We invest a lot of money in looking beautiful and not in health care.. there’s a huge taboo around breast cancer. But in this country people get their boobs done every day, so I don’t understand how breast cancer can be a problem when everybody’s showing their breasts.” – Eva Ekvall Fuera de Foco (Out of Focus)  

Eva Mónica Anna Ekvall Johnson was a TV hostess known for her various TV shows with Televen, specially in the show Las Rottenmayer. She was a finalist in the Miss Universe 2001 contest. Eva had a degree in communications from Universidad Santa Maria in Caracas. Ekvall was fluent in both Spanish and English since she had lived in the United States in the past, and because she attended Academia Washington, a bilingual school in Caracas.

She held the title of Miss Venezuela in 2000 and was the third runner-up in the 2001 Miss Universe pageant.

She was also famous among Venezuelan fashion magazines including Ocean Drive and Sambil among others.


Ekvall’s father, Eric Ekvall, is an American of SwedishHungarian descent, who has lived in Venezuela since the early 1980s and worked as a political analyst.

Her mother, Dawn Johnson, was born in Jamaica, and once ran a small modelling agency in Alaska, where she met Ekvall’s father. Ekvall has one brother, Alec.

Ekvall married radio producer John Fabio Bermúdez in September 2007. The couple have one daughter, Miranda, born in July 2009.

In February 2010, Ekvall was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, and underwent eight months of treatment that included chemotherapyradiation, and a mastectomy. She chronicled this experience in a book of photographs, Fuera de Foco (Out of Focus), released in 2011. As a Buddhist, she was the first non-Christian to have won the title of  Miss Venezuela.

Former Miss Venezuela 2000 and Miss Venezuela Universe 2001 Eva Ekvall has passed away at the age 28 due to cancer yesterday, December 17th.
She discovered that she had breast cancer not long after giving birth to her first and only child.
She wrote a book telling her experience entitled “Out of Focus”.
Ekvall, third runner-up at Miss Universe 2011 competed with our beloved  Miss Curacao Fatima St. Jago.

“Sadly, cancer had the last word,” writer Leonardo Padron told Globovision.

Ekvall, an actress and news anchor, died on Saturday after “demonstrating extraordinary calm and courage in her fight against cancer”, Padron said.

The memoir shocked her native Venezuela with its stark depiction of the ravages of cancer.

“The pictures were very shocking because nobody had ever seen me that way. Nobody had seen me bald, without make-up,” Ekvall said of the bestseller.

Ekvall, a journalism graduate, wrote the book based on emails to friends and family and memories prompted by the photos.

“I hate to see photos in which I come out ugly,” Ekvall told El Nacional newspaper. “But you know what? Nobody ever said cancer is pretty or that I should look like Miss Venezuela when I have cancer.”

ap eva ekvall jef 111220 wblog Venezuelan Beauty Queen Eva Ekvall Dies of Cancer at 28

Many are devastated with the loss of this wonderful angelic beauty, but we should all remember the beautiful message she leaves for us all, we have to stay strong and count our blessings. My heartfelt sympathy goes to her daughter, husband, family, friends and to all the Venezuelans that will have to carry with this tragic loss.
Let us cherish every moment in life, and may she rest in peace.
Below I finish the tribute with an emotional farewell photo the husband tweeted and the press release of the funeral. 

On twitter the husband of Eva – John Fabio Bermúdez tweeted a very touching and emotional farewell photo  saying “Together forever, I love my wife” – “Siempre juntos…te amo esposa” @Johnfbermudez

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3 thoughts on “Tribute to Eva Ekvall – from MISS VENEZUELA to ANGELIC WARRIOR QUEEN

  1. she was a beautiful woman with much to give I am sorry that it ended this way but she has opened many peoples eyes in regards to the cancer as it shows that it doesn’t matter who you are or how rich you are if it takes control you may be silenced. My parents in law both died from this dreaded disease and I saw the humiliation it spread and I was helpless to help and watched as they perished. Their deaths have strengthen us to face what comes and my wife and I have made sure that both my wife and my three daughters have regular check ups to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
    Be strong and look to the future with your daughter and always cherish the memories that you had with your wife.


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