#XFACTOR’s Drew Ryniewicz and Astro eliminated

Jackson family X Factor

This time the new American television singing show The X Factor chose Michael Jackson‘s music as a theme, last Wednesday’s X Factor marked an extra-special occasion because several of the King of Pop’s family members were in attendance to watch the Top 7 battle it out. Seated in the front row were the late singer’s children ParisPrince and Blanket along with Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson and brothers TitoJackie and Marlon.

Drew Ryniewicz and Astro eliminated off of ‘X Factor’

X Factor

Last night The X Factor results show was shocking and emotional. The lowest number of votes from America overall went to Astro, who was eliminated within the first half hour. It was then down to Drew Ryniewicz and Marcus Canty to sing for their lives.
Drew Ryniewicz

US Magazine reported that Simon Cowell did take the blame on last night’s program, saying that his song choice for Drew and overall performance was his fault. It was not her fault she was facing elimination.

Begging his fellow judges to save his act, Simon blamed himself for her failure to win public votes, saying: ‘The reason Drew is in this position tonight is my fault I take total responsibility.

‘I genuinely believe you deserve a second chance. I’m begging these two to give her another chance.’

In a backstage interview, Paula Abdul did not regret her decision to send Drew home. Abdul, Reid and Scherzinger voted to send Drew home. Adbul added that the judges had told Simon to let Drew do an up-tempo song and show her age but with the song choice on Tuesday night, the judges had enough and decided to send the 14-year-old singer home.

Nicole added to Drew’s downfall after telling her that she ‘believed’ in her, saying: ‘I know that I’ve been really hard on you the past few weeks but that’s only because you are the best and I believe in you.’

She then told Marcus: ‘When you sing I feel like your heart is on the floor for all to see.”

‘I adore and appreciate both of you. The act I’m sending home is Drew.’

Paula, the only judges with no acts left in the competition, compounded Drew’s fate by saying to the vulnerable contestants: ‘I love and respect both of you,’ but adding that she felt Drew had failed to ‘move’ her, before sending the teenager home.

As Paula gave her verdict, Simon stormed off the judging panel, furious at the result.

Simon Cowell X Factor USA

In a backstage interview, Cowell again mentioned that the song choice was what went wrong for Drew, not her as a performer. Cowell mentioned that a similar thing happened to Jennifer Hudson on American Idol and she turned out to be an amazing, Oscar winning talent in the end.

Simon Cowell X Factor USA

Entertainment Weekly added that Astro’s elimination caused no drama and that the young rapper is ready to get back to work. The drama last night all centered around Drew and her tears.


As for Drew, the teenager lost composure and managed only to scream: ‘I want to say thank you to my fans and I’m going to keep going and I’ve a lot to show you guys and it’s a lot more upbeat,’ as she left the stage.

Drew’s last words on the X Factor, ‘Jesus loves all of you guys and I didn’t have the chance to say it before but that is why I am in this competition.’

Now the stage is set for the final five acts. The final five are Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene, Marcus Canty, Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow.

“#XFactor easily made it into the TOP’s of my favorite competition shows. It’s unpredictable, and that is what makes television. Sometimes in the XFactor I get really fed up with the Judges attitude, but that’s part of their game to the ratings. And it works! I really didn’t expect one of my huge favorites to go home last night. But Marcus Canty is the top entertainment to the show his “Michael Jackson” back-flip makes it for him, and I understand the judges choice. Drew under guidance of his judge Simon Cowell played it pretty much safe in each of the Live shows (everybody knows she can sing, but she didn’t get the opportunity to show her #XFactor). She’s still very young and much more career to make then Marcus. Her amazing vocal performances turn a complete different twist to the songs. Her audition was simply amazing, and she’s has a way beyond cute personality. I see a really bright future ahead for Drew. ” G!


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7 thoughts on “#XFACTOR’s Drew Ryniewicz and Astro eliminated

  1. Well, Whopee, I get to say what I think. Here it is: I think that little Rapper Astro should have been eliminated a long time ago. As far as Drew, she sounds like a tired alpine mountain climber with a retarded yodel. If this is the new way to sing, it sucks, I bet she could mangle the National Anthem better than anybody. If it hadn’t been for all these stupid teenyboppers who have no taste in music, clothes or anything else, because they are stupid and spoiled, she would have been gone a long time ago.
    The sad part of it all is that she actually has a good voice if she would have sung without that stupid sounding yodel effect, it totally destroys a good song that definitely was not written with that kind of torture in mind.


  2. Well all I can say phone call are being add,we used 3 phone and call in over 400 calls
    so it is hard to see her not win.
    Astro should have left 2 weeks ago with the same yo yo yoyoyo never changes.
    We loved your voice Drew stay strong.
    Last night was our last to watch X Factor because calls aren’t being added up.


  3. Although Drew has a beautiful voice, to me, she sounded the same with whatever song she was singing, and started to get boring. Marcus sang for his life and deserved to be saved. Simon tends to belittle Nicole and Paula, but LA throws it right back at him, and Simon is not used to that. If Simon does not want to respect the other judges’ opinions, why did he hire them?


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