This annual beauty pageant, which began in 1991 as Reina Sudamericana (South American Queen), is based in Santa Cruz de la SierraBolivia. Up to 2003 the participants were restricted to the 10 countries in South America; in 2004 participants from Panama and Costa Rica in Central America were invited; and in 2006 participants from Dominican RepublicNicaraguaPuerto Rico & Spainjoined. In 2007 MexicoGuatemalaHonduras & USA were added, and the name changed to Reina Hispanoamericana. The pageant is organized by Promociones Gloria, based in Bolivia. More than 15 contestants participate every year.

Venezuela has the most number of crowns in this pageant, a total of six crowns followed by Brazil with five crowns.
Last year, Venezuela had a back to back victory with the performances of Adriana Vasini crowning Caroline Medina.

Evalina van Putten is an beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Curacao 2011 and represented her country in Miss Universe 2011 and is now the representative in Reina Hispanoamericana 2011.

Evalina competed in Curaçao‘s national beauty pageant, Miss Curaçao, held in Willemstad. She finished as second place during the competition winning the Miss Curaçao Intercontinental title, behind winner Monifa Jansen, who did not meet the age requirement to participate in Miss Universe 2011.

Miss Universe

Evalina van Putten went instead to Miss Universe and placed as Top 5 of Top 15 Best National Costumes.


Evalina has great support of the national company TDS (TV Distribution Systems) and is selected as their Miss TDS 2011.

On the website www.com.bo you can see developments and informations of the pageant. The Finale of Reina Hispanoamericana will be October 27th, 2011.

Support Evalina van Putten the number one favorite for the crown on the website: http://listas.20minutos.es/lista/reina-hispanoamericana-2011-candidatas-vota-por-tu-favorita-287839/


As tradition the pageant is celebrated in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and in the preliminaries of the event “Cena de Gala Hispanoamericana” many special awards go to the delegates.

This year the results where: 

Mejor Rostro Yanbal (Most Beautiful Face): Miss Bolivia
Runner-upsMiss Panamá y Miss Chile

Chica AerosurMiss España
Runner-up: Miss Paraguay

Mejor Silueta Pacena (Best Body): Miss Curacao

Miss Elegancia Candela (Miss Elegance): Miss Curacao
Runner-ups: Miss México y Miss Venezuela

Miss Fotogénica Guabira (Miss Photogenic): Miss Curacao
Runner-ups: Miss Venezuela y Miss USA Hispana

Mejor Cabellera Sedal (Most Beautiful Hair): Miss Paraguay

Mejor Sonrisa Orest (Most Beautiful Smile): Miss Colombia
Runner-ups: Miss Panamá y Miss Bolivia

provided by WENSHOW


Evalina’s story is worth it admiration and attention of all in the world. A young girl who gave her all to accomplish her dream. Got stuck in a roller-coaster of experiences, what transformed her in to a young lady. With a lot to offer but, a well deserved respect for one of the best ambassadors of our nation.  After I saw this “short-documentary” of Evalina produced by her manager Manuel de Gouveia (TDS) and Chris de Geus (Color Bar Productions) titled “Story of a Beauty” in Papiamentu/Spanish. You will understand all about this magnificent beauty. Very proud of her, and thankful for her guidance with my sister Ruenna Mercelina (Miss Teenager  Universe Congeniality). And wish her all the best on her path accomplishing the first crown for our nation in Reina HispanoAmericana. G!


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