MISS VENEZUELA 2011 – 2012

The Top 5: (Standing, from left) Isabela Ramos of Carabobo, 1st Runner-Up; Blanca Aljibes of Guarico, Miss Venezuela-International 2012; Osmariel Villalobos of Yaracuy, Miss Venezuela-Earth 2012. Seated from left are Irene Sofia Esser of Sucre, Miss Venezuela-Universe 2012 and Gabriella Ferrari of Distrito Capital, Miss Venezuela-World 2012.

Irene Esser was crowned Miss Venezuela 2011 or Miss Venezuela Universe 2012.

Gabriella Ferrari was crowned Miss Venezuela World 2012. Blanca Aljibes was crowned Miss Venezuela International 2012. Osmariel Villalobos was crowned Miss Earth Venezuela 2012. Irene Esser was crowned Miss Venezuela 2011

Miss Venezuela 2011 final results

Irene Esser from Sucre crowned Miss Venezuela 2012 will go to Miss Universe 2012

Gabriella Ferrari from DISTRITO CAPITAL will go to Miss World 2012

Blanca Aljibes from GUARICO is Miss Venezuela International 2012

Osmariel Villalobos from YARACUY was named as Miss Earth Venezuela 2012.

The first Runner Up was Isabela Ramos from CARABOBO.

The TOP 10 completed with

Carla Rodrigues (LARA)

Maria Isabel Zamora (MIRANDA)

Maria Gabriela Queñones (NUEVA ESPARTA)

Milagro Manrique (TACHIRA)

Maria Gabriela Criollo (ZULIA)


Lara – Carla Rodrigues – Miranda – Isabel Zamora – Nueva Esparta – Gabriela Quiñones – Táchira – Milagro Manrique – Zulia – María Gabriela Criollo

Special Awards:

Miss Photogenic (Miss Fotogénica) – Gabriella Ferrari (Distrito Capital)

Miss Congeniality(Miss Amistad) – Gabriela Quiñones (Nueva Esparta)

Miss Elegance (Miss Elegancia) – Irene Esser (Sucre)

Best Evening Gown – Irene Esser (Sucre), Osmariel Villalobos (Yaracuy), Catiuska Zapata (Anzoátegui)

Integral Beauty (Belleza Integral) – Gabriella Ferrari (Distrito Capital)

Best Body (Mejor Cuerpo) – Astrid Lozada (Barinas)

Best Presence (Mejor Presencia) – Gabriella Ferrari (Distrito Capital)

Miss Naturality (Miss Naturalidad) – Milagro Manrique (Táchira)

Best Catwalk (Mejor Pasarela) – Sara Coello (Vargas)

Miss Personality (Miss Personalidad) – Fanny Ottati (Bolívar)

Best Skin (La Mejor Piel) – Andrea Baptista (Portuguesa)

Best Face (Mejor Rostro) – Blanca Aljibes (Guárico)

Miss Interactivity (Miss Interactiva) – María Gabriela Criollo (Zulia)

provided by WENSHOW


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