Venevision presents “La Viuda Joven”

Venevision presents sneak peaks of “La Viuda Joven”

The Venezuelan channel presented its latest production at the Miami tradeshow.

Venevision'sLa Viuda Joven of Martin Hahn

La Viuda Joven is set to premiere on March 15, and is currently shooting in outdoor locations.
Venevision, a Venezuelan channel owned by the Cisneros Group, presented a preview of its latest drama called La Viuda Joven during NATPE 2011. “The screening of its first episodes to the international market was welcomed and applauded by those invited to the presentation,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

The telenovela originally written by Martin Hahn is set to premiere in Venezuela during the first half of March and is currently undergoing shoots in outdoor locations. It stars Mariángel Ruiz, Verónica Schneider and Luis Gerónimo Abreu, with performances by Astrid Carolina Herrera. The cast also includes Roberto Mesutti as Matías Humboldt, in a decisive role that will trigger unexpected events throughout 20 episodes that will give a surprising twist to the telenovela’s plot.

This is the first time that author Martin Hahn develops a telenovela for Venevision. Yuri Delgado will be responsible for the drama’s general direction and Sandra Rioboo will serve as executive producer.
Venevision channel began shooting La Viuda Joven, a telenovela with Martin Hahn’s seal, starring Verónica Schneider, Luis Gerónimo Abreu, and Mariángel Ruiz and Astrid Carolina Herrera on their come-back to telenovelas. Shoots will simultaneously take place at three different studios of the Caracas-based production company.

Luis Gerónimo Abreu, and Mariángel Ruiz
“I feel very flattered to have been chosen for this role, I am very grateful for the opportunities Venevision has given me. For the time being, I’m putting animation on hold for a few months to face this wonderful challenge,” said host Mariángel Ruiz, about her leading role in La Viuda Joven.
Produced in Caracas, Venezuela by Venevision, La Viuda Joven also features stars like Luciano D’Alessandro, Miguel De Leon, Juan Carlos Garcia, Carlos Cruz, Maria Antonieta Duque, Sonia Villamizar, Ivan Tamayo, Javier Vidal, Carlos Mata and Rafael Romero, joined by Beba Rojas, Eleidy Aparicio, Marjorie Magri, Susej Vera, Claudio de la Torre, Jose Luis Useche, Crisbel Henríquez, Yelena Maciel, Aileen Celeste, Joshua Vidal, and Sheryl Rubio, teen star of the musical series You and Me, on her first drama role.

One of Hahns’ stories main features is the use of suspense. This time, characters will engage in a number of situations that viewers will have to figure out by themselves, using their cunning to build up the plot and discover the facts that will explain the ending, the production company reported.

Venevisión, empresa de la Organización Cisneros, anuncia el debut del escritor venezolano Martín Hahn en el canal líder de Venezuela con “La Viuda Joven”.

“Sera que tengo la culpa” es el tema musical de “La Viuda Joven”, interpretado por Chino y Nacho con Luis Enrique

El tema musical de la nueva produccion dramatica de Venevision “La Viuda Joven” recayo en las melodiosas voces de el duo musical estrella de Venezuela Chino & Nacho junto al Nicaragüense Luis Enrique llamado “Sera que tengo la culpa”. Es una balada romantica la cual, junto con una historia de drama y misterio, nos hará disfrutar de esta nueva producción dramática hecha en Venezuela.

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