Carnival 2010: The passion that marked steps into the future

As you may know, in 2010 Curaçao marked the 40th anniversary of the new era Carnival celebration. Carnival is the biggest celebration ever, uniting the whole community.
It is that time of the year again, a colorful festival for young and old, rich and poor, and all nationalities.

The project Carnival Queen, Prince & Jokers Team 2010 (QPJ), executed by the WENSHOW
Entertainment Team.

WENSHOW is a team originally started by an active youngster, who decided to join forces with talented youngsters and determined young people to bring diverse, professional and stunning ideas into reality.

By far carnival is the most popular festival/cultural event in the world, our Caribbean atmosphere and in our country Curaçao. Carnival has evolved over the past two centuries from an elegant, exclusive affair to a truly all-inclusive national celebration that lasts around two months before the Ash-Wednesday.

Realizing this, we of WENSHOW realized the importance to execute and develop our first pilot-project Carnival Queen, Prince & Joker Team 2010, consisting of team delegates for the carnival election titles, a manager, sales and promotion coordinators, trainers, and we will be working with partners who would support us in accomplishing our goals.

Our main purpose was simple; we plan on participating and winning the local carnival elections in Curaçao.
Another mission is to conquer our island with our own style, embracing our culture, celebrating the utmost and by delivering a different, unique, professional way of entertaining the audience, contributing this way with a diverse and young flavor to the vision of our biggest national celebration in the new era.

And then, after we winning the local elections, execute our job to the utmost and reviving the real creative, professional union and beautiful carnival spirit between our people.

With the ultimate vision to start a process to empower youngsters through the community, with new filled energy. Work on the process of nation building.


Results we got with the team in 2010 were excellent:
The Best Message and Best Talent Prince & Joker, Eurshley Davelaar & Gwendell Mercelina Jr.
The First Runner up Teen King & Teen Queen, Ruenna Mercelina & Daveney Sprott.

and the 40th Curaçao Carnival Queen Vijanti Persad, the most wanted crown of the Carnival decade.

So our first mission was completed.
We conquered the island with our passion and driven talent, and then pushed through until we got the result of the birth of WE LEAD Foundation.
The WE LEAD Foundation was able to become a reality on the International Youth Day (August 12, 2010) and also stand tall in the international arena by as of our inauguration we are the first on the island hosting the International Youth Year 2010-2011.

These accomplishments are the net result of our sweat and initiatives to creatively meet incessant challenges in world youth affairs.

And a dream was made, but without the supporters and believers we wouldn’t make it through.

the Thank You’s go to:

The Carnival Organization:

  • The Government & Curaçao Carnival for Excellence (CC4E) specially Mr. Frank Rosina (r.i.p).
  • FUDEKA, Norwin Pieternella, Dianthe Barbolina, Rina, Tante Corine Djaoen-Genaro, Participants & Finalists specially Verlon & Gedion Donker.

Sponsors, Supporters of the QPJ – WENSHOW Plan:

  • Insel Air and Crew the best motor behind our realization. Specially Vijanti’s tripulation, Ms. Dianthe Kroon, Mnr. Heerenveen, Mnr. DeMeza I Mr.Kluyver.
  • Teatro Luna Blou and La Tentashon our mayor inspiration and supporter/advisor in the person of WENSHOW’s Godfather sir Norman de Palm and team: Segni Bernadina, John Nagtegaal, Marloes van Rooijen and youngsters.
  • Divine Carnival Group, from the instance we presented the plan, their support where beyond expectations. Thanks specially to Itel Martis and whole crew from Holland and Curacao.
  • Mnr. Erwin Kranenburg (Color of People) that truly believes in the future and our youngsters.
  • E-Lottery (Mnr. Farrah)
  • Ecole de Dans Juffrouw Patricia, Rachna Blom, Dianthe Isa Oosterhof, Ghislaine van de Laarschot,  Kristin Kort
  • Our VIP Dancers and choreographer from Dominican Republic Stalin Victoria, Juan Manuel El Talento, Marcos Taveras, Deyvy de Leon and Domingo Nina. An amazing opportunity to bring youngsters that excell in their passion, and triumph around the world with their talent with important artists like Omega, Los Illegales, Latin American Idols and more,  in shows like Premios Cassandra and Quien Baila Mejor. With them our dream truly made the international twist, and now they are part of our amazing shows like Miss Curaçao Teenager and Miss Curaçao.
  • Samuel Pantaleon our designer from Venezuela which made the touch of our images and is still and always been supportive for WENSHOW.
  • Gensy Cafsia for being Vijanti’s supporter in all kinds of way but also as special hairstylist.
  • Yendor’s Art Rodney Aniseto for being the #1 stylist for WENSHOW, and of-course the Mercelina’s doing our hair and make-up.
  • A warm thanks to our trainers who throughout our journey fortified our image and dreams. And without them, any challenge wouldn’t have their meaning. Ellon Donker & Robby Juliana and especially Aubrey America who was the executive co-producer and image developer of Vijanti Persad.
  • Cliff & Dayenne Yung (Family Yung), Jourich “Brillo” Christina, Tania Henriquez, Imar Kierindongo, Rina Quast, Elton Raven, Bert Sambo, Adriana
  • Germain Hart & Elouise de Jongh Hart&Private, Cesar Rodriguez Selikor, Andy Kirchner
  • Cache Deluxe Archel Calister, FreshLab Thessa Fleming & June Oehlers, Massive Productions,
  • University of the Dutch Caribbean and College of the Dutch Caribbean UDC/CDC
  • Tio Roy Colastica … UMOJA! Spirit of Togetherness
  • Ramsay Soemanta, the special photographer that captured all the special moments of our Queen and our presentations and is still and always present.
  • WE LEAD Board of Directors Youngsters, Cherelle Maduro, Ledrah Statie, Daniel Corsen Jr., Jourich Christina and Ruenna Mercelina
  • The great of support pillars for Vijanti Persad where her mother and Godmother Grace Goede-Martina, and her family.
  • Family Mercelina [the bastion of everything mom Ruthsella],  Family Monte and Troncon, Davelaar [especially the best present and memory is the birth of Jaheem Davelaar], Sprott, Persad and all friends.
  • And ofcourse the PRESS, all the Press-people and members on our island, which supported our team all the way and still is. Danki Prensa.
  • And last but not least, PUEBLO di KORSOU … Thank you for all the warmth and support during last years carnival period. The great love everybody shared with us, but especially in the name of Vijanti Persad our Carnival Queen.  Please be there tonight to listen and see our Queen say her last farewell words as the 40th Carnival Queen.


Have faith in your dreams and someday,

your rainbow will come smiling through.

If we keep on believing,

The dream that we wish will come true!

I finalize saying: “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”


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